Aseptoman med 1L en

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Alcoholic hand disinfectant to be rubbed into the skin. ASEPTOMAN MED is especially gentle to the skin due to its low alcohol content, yet it still has a broad efficacy spectrum and is therefore the ideal product for the daily routine. ASEPTOMAN MED is noro-,rota- and adenovirus effective within the requirements of hygienic hand disinfection.
ASEPTOMAN MED fulfils the requirements for hand disinfection during noro-, rota and adenovirus breakouts. It is perfume-free and free from cumulative long-term agents, which can accumulate on the skin and cause irritations. Additionally, ASEPTOMAN MED contains valuable re-fattening and caring ingredients to prevent drying out of the skin.
Range of application
Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.
Apply a sufficient amount of ASEPTOMAN MED onto skin and rub into dry hands.Hands must remain well moistened during the entire contact time.
Hygienic hand disinfection: 30 s.

Surgical hand disinfection: 2 min0
100 g solution contain:
Active ingredient: Ethanol 65 g.
Additional ingredients: Glycerol, myristyl alcohol.
Alcoholic hand disinfectant
Spectrum of efficacy and contact times 15 s 30 s 2 min application recommendation for hygienic hand disinfection* EN 1500 • application recommendation for surgical hand disinfection* EN 12791 •
tuberculocidal (M. terrae) EN 14348 clean conditions


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