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General characteristics

Working speed: 690 tests / hour with ISE mode; 450 tests / hour without ISE module;
The ISE module (Na, K, Cl, Li) is optional – the analyzer is available in ISE mode or ISE mode;
Operating mode: Sequential;
Working Modes: Routine, Batch, Emergency (STAT), Profiles;
Memory for up to 500 tests;
Samples: serum, urine, plasma, CSF;
Pre-dilution for samples;
Pre-calibration pre-dilution;
Reactive Rotor – Cooling;
Rotor calibrators and controls – with cooling;
Washing station for reaction vessels;
13-channel (340-800 nm) photometer – „solid state photometer”;
Durable ceramic dilator – „Long life ceramic dilutor”;
Clot sensor;
Impact sensor;
Quality Control Program – QC;
Patient archive;
Operation via an external computer (delivered with the analyzer);
Special glass optic reaction tubes with long service life (not replaceable, non-consumable);
Internal barcode reader for identification of samples and reagents;
LIS bidirectional communication system – for connection to laboratory software;
Tanks for washing water and waste water;
Standard Dialab Reagents (standard packaging) or Dialab Type „System Packs” Reagents can be used.

„End Point” (with or without sample blank or reagents);
„Fixed time”;
Easy reading.
Types of calibration

With Best fit factor
Linear In Points (Multipoint)
Log-logit calibration curve 4
Cubic spline log-log 5
Polinomial Semi-log
Reagents / Samples / Calibrators and Controls / Reaction Covers

Reactive Rotor: 80 Cooling Positions;
Rotor sample: 100 positions;
Rotor calibrators and controls: 26 positions with cooling;
Reactor Rotor: 84 special glass optics with heating system;
Sample volume: 1.5 μL – 100 μL;
Reaction volume: 180 μL – 400 μL;
Temperatures at which thermostats of the reaction vessels can be made: OFF / 30 ° C / 32 ° C / 37 ° C +/- 0.2 ° C (Peltier system controlled).

13-channel „Solid state photometer” + 1 reference channel;
Wavelengths: 340, 380, 405, 436, 480, 510, 546, 578, 600, 660, 700, 740, 800 nm;
Absorbance range: 0.000 – 3.000 Abs;
Sensitivity: +/- 0.001 Abs;
Accuracy: +/- 1% from 0 to 2000 OD;
Tungsten halogen lamp with reflector;
Lamp lifetime – about 2000 hours.
Pipette arms / Dilator

1 x pipetting arm for samples;
2 x pipetting arms for reagents;
3 x long life ceramic dilators („Long life ceramic”);
Accuracy of diluents: +/- 0.1%;
Resolution of diluents: +/- 0.1μL for serum samples; +/- 1.0 μL for reagents.
Water consumption

9.5 ml / test

USB port;
Port RS232;
LAN port.
Electrical Requirements, Dimensions and Weight

100/240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, 400 Watt;
U.P.S .: 1500 Watt;
Net weight: 162 kg;
Gross weight: 237 kg;
Dimensions: 1150 x 1150 x 720 mm.
CE conformity marking; Quality standards: EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485.

The analyzer can be purchased without ISE or ISE mode.

The analyzer comes with an external computer and printer.

Warranty: 2 years from date of commissioning.


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