Bowie & Dick Test Sheet A5

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Bowie & Dick Test Sheets are A5 sized printed with a chemical indicator in a concentrical pattern.

The chemical indicator turns from yellow to dark brown/black indicating adequate air removal. An air removal failure is shown as a lighter colored area near the center of the otherwise dark brown/black Test Sheet.

Bowie & Dick Test Sheets are designed to be used in
standard Bowie & Dick test packs assembled according to each
country regulations.

Test Sheets are used to test air removal effciency at 132-134 ºC in vacuum assisted steam sterilizers. The test pack should be placed horizontally on the lowest shelf in an already warmed, empty sterilizer. The sterilizer should run for 3.5 min. – 134
ºC / 4 min. – 132 ºC.

Do not use the Bowie & Dick Test Sheets for air removal monitoring of gravity displacement steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide, or other low temperature sterilization processes.

Packing: 50 sheets per pack

Mark: lot no., producer, expiration date.


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