Chemical Steam Sterilization Indicator Class 5 – INTEGRATOR – strip

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Integration strip for sterilization at autoclave 134 ° C -7 min / 121 ° C-20 min.

Monitor all critical parameters: time, temperature, airlessness and steam quality. Monitor all sterilization cycles (121 ° C-132 ° C) and all cycle parameters. The product detects any deficiencies in the equipment’s operation or mistakes regarding the technique of packaging the materials subject to sterilization.

Color indicator: from pink to black (after sterilization).

Minimum quantity: 1 box (250 strips)
Packaging: 250 strips / box
Each indicator is marked: batch number, date of manufacture and expiration date, Class 5, according to ISO 11140-1.

Shelf life: 4 years from date of manufacture.

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