Drug-Screen Multi 8TC

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Multi-Drug 8-Parameters is based on the principle of immunochromatography, combining the conjugated colloidal gold technique for the rapid, qualitative detection of specific drugs present in human urine in concentrations above the cut-off limit of the test.

It is used only by qualified personnel and only for in vitro diagnosis.

Parameters (cut-off):

AMP Amphetamine (1000 ng/ml) MET Methamphetamine (1000 ng/ml)
BAR Barbiturate (300 ng/ml) MOR Opiate/Morphine (300 ng/ml)
BZD Benzodiazepine (300 ng/ml) MTD Methadone (300 ng/ml)
COC Cocaine (300 ng/ml) THC Cannabinoid (50 ng/ml)

The kit contains 25 cassettes
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It is sold to the 25 test kit


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