Gigasept PAA 5l

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For the manual disinfection of endoscopes and selected medical devices as well as device accessories.

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Our plus

  • effective against mycobacteria, yeasts, viruses and spores (incl. Clostridium)
  • excellent material compatibility
  • short contact time
  • no activation time required
  • pH-neutral
Application areas
For manual disinfection of flexible endoscopes, accessories and selected medical devices.
With the addition of specific adjuvants, the pH of gigasept® PAA concentrate is buffered within a neutral range to provide an optimal material compatibility.
Product Profile
The liquid 2-component system provides the following advantages for the use of gigasept® PAA concentrate:
• reliable storage stability
• very easy use without dosing aids
• great dosing safety
• immediate and extensive efficacy, because no activation required
• the working solution is clear immediately after preparation
• outstanding material compatibility through specific pH adjustment and additional inclusion of an anticorrosion agent
• extensive efficacy

Presentation: 5l


Ministry of Health Approval

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